Tips to survive the school years ... Originally posted on Kidspot July 7 2010

Originally posted on Kidspot July 7 2010

I REALLY need to toughen up or there is no way Im going to survive the next 13yrs of school!

Our 6yr old has been fighting on and off with his little mate for the past couple of weeks.
I generally try to stay out of it and tell him to stop dobbing etc.

Monday this kids Mum (who I have had a cuppa with on numerous occasions) spoke to me after school and said that the teacher was going to speak to my son because her child had said L was being a bully....

CUE my first fuming rage, this mother had told me a few times that her son had come home saying L did this and that to him, which BOYS do for goodness sake, I just dont go blabbing to her everytime L tells me her son did something to him........

ANYWAY....... I marched in and spoke to the teacher and she said she had spoken to all the boys and everything was fine, she really didnt see the point involving anyone out of the classroom and seemed a tad surprised that this mother would make a fuss out of it.

This kid has been throwing sticks at L, kicking him, and yesterday to cue second fuming rage kept trying to kick him in the doodle!!
So I again ignore and dont go running off to dob to the teacher and try to be the better person, I told L to speak to his teacher if it happened again and not kick back etc, cause thats when HE keeps getting into trouble.

L has been a real brat this week and I finally cracked it tonight and MADE him tell me what his problem was, of course he burst into tears and said its because R isnt playing nice with him and keeps telling him to go away etc.

Apparently this kid even said today that his Mum wasnt friends with ME anymore............Cue THIRD fuming rage!!!!!!

SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!   Can this so called Mother not grow up............

PLEASE, someone give me some tips to stay out of it, cause right now I wanna blast her!! (scar), but some of the photos I have viewed recently have inspired me to maybe share his story and offer hope to other families going through similar situations.

Have YOU ever done anything to offer hope to others, or support families in a similar situation?