Is there such a thing as being TOO honest? Originally posted on Kidspot July 19 2010

Originally posted on Kidspot July 19 2010

Our 6yr old is the most honest kid I have ever met.

Yes its great and we have always encouraged him to tell us the truth and it will save him getting into more trouble for lying etc etc etc.

Can they be TOO honest though?

He has been having probs at school and was labelled a 'bully' by another childs mother because he wanted to play with this kid and he didnt want to anymore so our son started telling people NOT to play with him. (Im guessing our sons way of thinking was if he told everyone else not to play with this kid, then he would have to play with him) I know its not nice behaviour, but it surely doesnt warrant being labelled a bully and getting the school involved...SURELY!!

Anyway...........Since this all started we have been keeping a TIGHT rein on our boy and I ask him everyday after school if he had a good day or not. He has quite frequently been hanging his head and saying NO :(

Now because he tells me every little thing he has done, he is being punished for it and has lost his priviledges and even missed the school disco cause he was warned before he went to school what would happen if he didnt play nice that day.

Ok, so am I in the wrong for continuously disciplining him when he his telling me the truth and admitting his doing wrong?
Im doing it in the hope that he will realise if has a good day, then he gets his stuff back.

Today he had a student free day, and he has come to me twice saying Mummm, I just did blah blah blah, Im sorry I didnt mean it.....

Hmmm, now this is annoying silly little stuff that he doesnt need to tell me, but if I say now stop telling me, am I encouraging him to then stop owning up to the important stuff?? Does that make sense??

Can they be TOO honest??