I think Im in the bad books...... Kidspot May 1 2010

Originally posted on Kidspot May 1 2010

Well it was our anniversary yesterday and I planned a nice romantic dinner for the 2 of us and was going to have the boys in bed early and then sit down and share a bottle of wine together and a yummy meal.

Didnt turn out that way though did it alt

Of course it was the ONE day that Mr 14mth old decided he would have a HUGE 2.5hr nap and then not go to bed until nearly 9pm, so therefore my romantic dinner for 2 turned into a not so romantic dinner for 3 alt

SO by the time he finally did go to bed Hubby was tired and crashed out on the couch...........

We had planned to go out for dinner tomorrow night just the two of us and my Sis was going to watch the boys for a couple of hours.

I rang her this arvo and cancelled, told her it had been a crappy week with both boys being sick and I really didnt have the energy to be bothered, which is unusual for me.

I invited her to come for pizza and drinks instead.

I told S when he came home that I had changed our plans and the words that actually came out of my mouth were.....

"Well you didnt seem overly excited about celebrating at all last night so I just dont really see the point now!"

Hmmmm, hadnt realised until I blurted it out just how upset I really was about it!!

Anyway, he has been REALLY quiet all night and I think he is probably rather pd off with me.......

I probably shouldnt have cancelled our night out, but usually I spend days getting myself organised to go out for a special night together, and I realised this arvo that Id done nothing, so it was obvious to me that I really didnt want to for whatever reason.

Im sad now, but I just feel like why bother......

Have you ever gone to say something to your partner and then blurted out something TOTALLY unexpected and wondered where the hell it came from??