I pushed through the comfort zone and survived!

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Today I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and survived. I had a moment when I honestly thought I might have a massive panic attack in front of 30 odd 9-10yr olds. But I didn't.

Mr 9 is learning about Cyber safety at the moment. And me being such a blabber mouth told his teacher that I worked online and one thing led to another and I found myself volunteering to talk to the kids about what I do, and how to keep safe online using Social Media and forums.

"What have I done?!?!?" was my next thought.

A note come home with Lo on Wednesday afternoon asking if I could go in on Thursday at 9am for a talk with the kids.  BOTH classes of grade 3/4.  Not just Lo's class.  ARRGGHH!!

I researched, jotted down notes and tried to prepare myself as best I could.  I am not good at speaking to people.  I kept telling myself they were ONLY kids.

That worked fine, along with some deep breathing this morning UNTIL I got to School.  I had to detour into the girls toilets to calm down and sip cold water. I was sure I was going to have a full blown panic attack and was ready to tell them I couldn't do it.

I knew I would be SO angry with myself though and Mr 9 would have been really disappointed.  He seemed to be quite excited about mum "teaching" his class.

I sipped more cold water and headed to his classroom.

His teacher met me and said "how you feeling? Nervous?" EXHALE! 
"Yes, actually I am. I think I will leave you to do most of the talking and I will just follow the prompts."  Start to relax a bit.

I sat throughout the morning meeting, trying to stay calm, and waited for the second group of grade 3/4's to arrive.

I started off a bit uneasy. But relaxed into the questions and quite enjoyed sharing info with them. It was good.

I survived. And I feel quite proud that I pushed through that fear, and did something I normally wouldn't even consider.

I think this could be a good start for me.

Have you pushed beyond your comfort zone recently?


Julie said…
Congratulations. I don't like a crowd much either, but it sounds like you did a great job. It can actually be enjoyable once you get past those initial nerves!
Alana said…
Well done! I think it's really hard to push through your comfort zone like that. I am going out of my comfort zone (metaphorically and geographically) every time I need to drive somewhere I haven't driven before. As a late-comer to driving I get nervous when I need to take a new road and find parking somewhere new!!
Unknown said…
Ahh yes I have and wrote about it recently too. Your story though reminded me of a time when I had to do a talk in front of school kids about working at a TV station. I had quite a boring role at the station and the kids were nearly falling asleep. All they wanted to know about was the home and away characters. I remember being as nervous as all hell though. It's not easy. Good for you for stepping out of your comfort zone!
Great job! I have often wondered if I could talk about online safety to my daughter's class or about blogging as they have a class blog but I end up pretty sure I couldn't.
Good on your for pushing through and doing it! This might lead to other great opportunities for you!
Maxabella said…
I bet you were GREAT, Trac. I know for a fact that you know what ours talking about! Good on you!!! x
Oh you should be SO proud of that achievement! And I bet your little one was just bursting with pride, good on you.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations of doing the talk! It's such a great feeling when you achieve something that you didn't think you could do.

I feel your pain ... I absolutely abhor public speaking ... it's truly the stuff of nightmares ... but well done you for conquering the fear :0)
Mrs M said…
I'm sure you were fantastic, good on you for giving it a go.