Rainbow themed baby shower


Rainbow flag bunting from Eat a Rainbow

 Chalkboard from Occasion by Design

I love a good party plan. Lots of friends and family tell me I should go into the party planning business, but I think the thing is I am just a good shopper. There are so many fantastic party pages around that it makes the job super easy when you have an idea in mind.  Or even if you don't just look around and you will soon find something that you really like and can adapt to suit yourself.

I recently hosted a baby shower for my sister and was a bit stuck on what to do as nobody knows the sex of the baby.  I didn't want it to be colour specific or favouring one gender.

So I went a bit rainbow themed.  Not too much, but just enough with coloured confetti on the cake and a rainbow flag bunting.  A neopolitan cake to stick with the theme still, and kiss biscuits with hundreds and thousands of course. Multi coloured spot plates, cups and serviettes and I also got some big freckles with "Thanks" packaging in various colours.

We played the memory game. And also got each guest to write a message on a nappy ready for when mummy and daddy are doing late night changes.

Quite simple, but all very effective when combined. 

Windmills from Invite Me

Spotty plates, serviettes and cups from The Party Parlour

From Charli Mae

Fruit and ice water in an urn from Invite Me

Cute little decoration idea from a friend of mummy-to-be