I remember it like it was yesterday....

August is Cuppa for Heart Kids month and I will again be calling on your kind donations to support a great cause.

As I remember our journey into parenthood for the first time, I am haunted with memories that really aren't filled with joy, but more tears and heartache.

    * I remember the first time I heard the words "Your child has a heart condition!"

    * I remember sitting on the plane during our flight to Melbourne sobbing on Hubby's shoulder.

    * I remember waking up sobbing during the night, convinced I could hear my baby crying close     by.  He wasn't near by. He was in ICU, hooked up to machines keeping him alive.

   *  I remember hubby jumping into the shower, fully clothed, to hold me as I sobbed uncontrollably.

     * I remember talking to the surgeon and trying so hard not to only hear the risks involved.

     * I remember hiding under the covers once again sobbing and refusing to say goodbye to my baby as they took him into surgery. Hubby had to face that one alone. I regret that day now.

    *  I remember the phone call telling us everything went OK. But there were a few complications and we needed to give him some extra support. (Collapsed lungs and kidney problems)

    * I remember the first time I saw our tiny baby boy hooked up to so many different machines and looking literally like death warmed up.

    * I remember the first time we could hold him after his surgery.

    * I remember the day we were told we could finally go home.

    * I remember finally getting to introduce our baby to his family. After weeks away from them it was such a relief!

    * I remember everyday how blessed we are and am so very thankful that we are lucky enough to have our special Heart Kid with us today.