Crackle. Pop. SNAP!

I just snapped.

It has been one of THOSE weekends when the kids have been on each others backs allllllll day and I am not feeling the best so it was bound to happen.

I hate it when I let them get to me.  I ignore, and ignore and ignore. But in the end when the non-stop fighting over absolutely everything, anything and nothing just never ends. Then something has to give.

Unfortunately it was my patience and they were both sent to bed with an earful. 

Master 4 has been non-stop want, want, want no matter where we go.  Tantrum at the newsagent over a toy yesterday set my blood boiling.  A quick trip to Big W today to get Mr 9  shoes to head back to school in left me declaring I would NEVER take Master 4 shopping again.

Crappy weather meant they have been stuck indoors all day today and boy can you tell.

I think the passed two weeks of school holidays has got the best of Mr 9 declaring he can't wait to go back to school and away from his annoying little brother.

Lucky I love them so much. Even though I did declare I was going away on my OWN next weekend.

I think I am just in desperate need of time out.  The joys of being a mum!