Reliving childhood through your child's eyes

As a kid we spent lots of weekends at the family shack. Now Mr 9's greatest love is to head to the shack with pop and spend the weekend fishing.  I am thankful he has a hobby he truly loves and gets to spend time with someone he truly idolises.

As kids we would wait up for dad when he went floundering at night and watch mum cook fresh fish for a midnight snack. 

 As kids we would hang out at the footy on the weekend watching our mates or little cousins play.

As kids we would climb trees and find hiding places that nobody else would dare to think of. 

We had cracker nights and HUGE bonfires.  We played with the hose all day and walked to nans on our own.

As kids we lived and trusted. We dreamed. We never imagined what the big bad world might have in store for us when we grew up.  

Why do we have to grow up??

What is one of your favourite childhood memories?