Kiss my arse June!

June you officially suck!

I am crossing you off my Christmas list and I couldn't care less if we never meet again.

You seem to bring me nothing but grief that I could do without, thanks very much.

Tomorrow my man heads into hospital for yet another procedure.
My son is due for yet another ultrasound which I always hate.
Of course it is always crazy with the end of financial year.

And the cruncher...

It has been 12mths since my mum passed away this month.

So as you can see it's not me it's you!  You turned my world upside down last year, and I don't think I will ever forgive you for that. 

And now to top it off you have hit me with even more trivial shit that I didn't really need at the moment. You could have played nice, but no you chose to go hard instead.

I am officially calling you the worst month of the year. I can't apologies for that at all.

Do you have a month that you really detest?