Despicable Me 2 review by the BZ boys

We took the kids to see their first 3D movie and they loved it!  (I know. I know. Old news stuff!)
I had never been to 3D before either (shock horror!) so it cracked me up with all the little minions popping out at us.

Mr 9 loved the first Despicable Me. He was really looking forward to seeing the second one.  His favourite part was when they had to rescue the girl and all the minions. 

Mr 4 is also a huge fan of the first Despicable Me and he actually sat through the WHOLE movie without one "has it finished yet?" He even said himself when we walked out of the movie that he didn't ask to go home at all.  Very unusual!

He loved seeing the minions all turn into little purple monsters and REALLY wants a fart gun just like the minions have.

A great movie the whole family enjoyed with lots of laughs for everyone. 

I would do anything to own a little minion.  They are SO adorable. 

We give it a rating of 5/5 

Anyone else see the resemblance?