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Generations of Aussie families have grown up with the distinctive aroma of Bosisto’s ‘Parrot’ brand Eucalyptus Oil.  With its fresh scent and endless natural uses for health and home, Bosisto’s has remained a much-loved favourite product in today’s modern homes.

This year, Bosisto’s is giving back by embarking on an exciting project to plant 1 million trees!
Bosisto’s new plantations will help support local farms and farmers while benefiting the environment and reducing salinity.

You can help by purchasing any specially-marked Bosisto’s Eucalyptus product and Bosisto’s will “Plant a Tree” for you!   Support the environment and enjoy a naturally clean, fresh and germ-free home! For more information and free handy hints visit

A natural antiseptic, deodoriser, germ killer, degreasing agent and powerful cleaner, Eucalyptus
truly is one of the most versatile of all essential oils.

Here are just a few handy home tips…

Kill Germs
Did you know Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray is proven to kill 99.99% germs… all with the pure fresh
power of Eucalyptus Oil? Use in place of harsh chemicals on door handles, children’s toys, keyboards, handheld mobile devices and other surfaces fingers frequently touch.

Sticky Situations
Gum, glue, anything sticky… Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray will whip it off in a flash. Also great for paint or ink marks on clothes, shoes or furnishings, or cleaning scuff marks from vinyl floors.

Lovely Laundry
Stubborn stains? With the grime-busting properties of natural eucalyptus, a spray of Bosisto’s before
laundering will help lift grubby dirt, grass and oil stains from clothes.

Rubbish Bins & Toilets

There’s nothing worse than rubbish bin and toilet odours… and there’s nothing that eliminates them
quicker than Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray. Use it on household bins, nappy bins, compost and wheelie
bins and in the bathroom for a long-lasting Aussie bush aroma.

Pet Odours
Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray is the perfect natural deodoriser. It’s allergy friendly (great for households
with kids… and sensitive pets!) and ideal for neutralising pet odours inside and out.

When changing linen or flipping your mattress, don’t forget a spray of Bosisto’s Eucalyptus will
help make your next snooze session deliciously fresh. (ps. It’s great for homes where pets
sleep on beds or when children are sick, too.)

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Voluptacon said…
Like eucy spray though my sinuses, so are the days of my hayfever *cue swelling dramatic music*

I love the smell of the Bosisto's Eucalyptus spray! I find that it really clears my sinuses when I have a bout of hayfever. So I think, like a 1980's Wall Street trader with his cocaine, I'd quite happily spend my days snorting if I got my hands on the Bosisto's nasal spray!
Carol O'Brien said…
Using Eucalyptus rub on the soles of the feet is my favourite thing in the world to stop coughing.
Especially when kids don't like taking medicine, or in the middle of the night sleeping, it's so easy to lather up their feet, cover with socks and wait for the magic to happen.
I've been using it for 15 years, and 4 kids later, it's still working - Love it!
Unknown said…
Now that the warmer months are behind us, the Kero heater has come out of the shed. A few drops of Euco in a bowl sitting on top makes the house smell devine. ♥ ♥
Anonymous said…
I add a few drops to a spray bottle filled with water and use it in the mornings when doing the children's hair. It's a great head lice repellant. We haven't had any head lice problems since using it.

Cheers Sharon.

sharon 7999 at yahoo dot com
Kim maxwell said…
I spent my teenage years dabbing tea tree oil on pimples, it worked really well and I love the smell!!

Kim m
Anonymous said…
A little eucalyptus in water in a small atomiser is great for stopping that terrible crusty nose feeling on long flights.

rshaw1961 (at) yahoo dot com dot au
I use it for so many things!!
One use is to clean our hairbrushes. I soak them in a solution of hot water, vinegar and eucalyptus oil, and they come out really clean.
Also, a mix of baking soda and a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil makes a really natural and nice carpet deodorizer. Just sprinkle liberally on to your carpets, wait about 10-15 mins then vacuum off.
Anonymous said…
For achey muscles. Massage into sore spots till it feels warm.
Anonymous said…
In the chilly weather I like to put a few drops of Eucalyptus Oil on my daughter's scarves to help stop the sniffles while out and about. Their noses usually run like taps all Winter long. (So gross!)

I also put a tiny bit of Eucalyptus Oil in the bottom of our laundry hamper to help deodorise it and freshen it up.
JenniferB said…
With an old man dog in the house, there are often accidents theses day.
The nappy bucket is back but rather than Napisan, 10ml of eucalyptus oil in the warm water keeps the laundry smelling great between washing the re-purposed nappies!
Leesa said…
I add a few drops to the washing in winter - it just makes you 'feel good' on those cold winter days, and we find it helps to ward off any sniffles for the kids, and helps me keep a clear head :)
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Besides the obvious being great for colds in winter and killing germs; I use bosistos to clean mould/scum build up from my showers. It works a treat and leaves it smelling great!
Unknown said…
The Bosistos Eucalyptus aerosol is an awesome tool for the lazy duster.
A good blast of it on my carved wooden bed head serves to blow the dust away while leaving it looking polished and smelling LUSH!
No icky dust rags required!
Jacra said…
Each time i get a cold or even bronchitis, i tend to get sore aching lungs. So i tend to begin to use some of the Bosito's rub onto the areas to help take the pain away. I find this works every time i use it. The feeling of relief when that pain has gone is AHHHHHH.
Ruth said…
When little ones or kids are sick I find making up a mix of 1/4 eucalyptus oil and 3/4 water added to a vaporiser during the day and night helps their breathing and blocked noses, great smell too.
Kim said…
I add a few drops to hot water and use it to mop the floors. It makes the house smell clean and fresh and also helps to kill germs. I have a 9 month old who is crawling all over the place, so I like the floors to be extra clean!
Madge said…
for me, its a great insect bite treatment. my kids are all a bit sensitive to non natural products so over the counter "sting" sprays are a no go. dab of eucalyptus oil is all thats needed to relieve the symptoms

magistus75 @ y7mail dot com
DebbieD said…
I like using Eucalyptus spray as a room deodoriser for the kids' rooms, it sure smells nicer than than the usual kiddie whiff!
staceynm said…
Morning sickness (all day sickness actually).... nothing is worse! To get rid of any nasty offensive or possibly perfectly fine smells that are setting it off. Just spray every where and keep close at hand like some crazy person spraying ANYTHING near you that might offend including children and pets... ok maybe not but you get my drift it helps when you have morning sickness..
staceynm said…
oops sorry forgot to add, my email is :D
Jacra said…
This is just an addition to my post, as this week i have had a virus that has made me have upperbody aches. So to help relieve the upper body aches, i have used this amazing bosito's rub. This has helped relieved the aches associated with the virus. Love it, really do ;)
sapna said…
We use Eucalyptus Oil Garden Spray because it is natural and non-residual.
Bosisto's Eucalyptus Oil 5mL , Canola Oil 20mL ,
Dishwashing Detergent 2mL ,
Water 1 litre .
Spray around seedlings and at the base of plants. Ideal for slugs, snails and slaters.
Rohit said…
Eucalyptus has very strong germicidal properties. If applied in the nail fungus infected areas,
it disinfects the nail.
Apply some Eucalyptus Oil to the gauze. Wrap the fungus affected nail with it.if used continuously, it will completely cure the toenail