What's in a smell...

Smells trigger so many thoughts and feelings. Some good, some painful.

  • Hand sanitiser reminds me of the long hours spent in ICU with our first son.
  • Coconut oil and Olive oil remind me of my mum. She often used it before sitting in the sun.
  • Oil of Olay reminds me of dear old nan. 
  • Roses remind me of mum. She often picked them and had them around the house. 
  • Stella McCartney was my wedding day scent. I still love it today, seven years later.
  • Old books remind me of hours spent reading books with my nan and aunts.
  • Aloe vera moisturiser was often a scent you would smell after spending days on the beach near our family shack and getting sunburnt.
  • A fresh pot of tea reminds me of afternoons spent at a dear old aunt and uncles. We would play outside in the garden while the adults chatted and sipped tea.
  • Smoke from a bonfire brings back many childhood memories of cracker night. Best times!
  • Fresh popcorn is a scent that belongs in every home. Movie snuggles are the bomb.
  •  Deep heat reminds me of hubby's many cricket hurts
  • Sea air means many days frolicking at the beach as a kid. And watching our boys do the same.
  •  Fresh cut grass on a warm day
  • Smell of rain after a hot balmy day
So many more that I could mention, but we won't drag this on anymore.

What scents bring back memories for you?