Letting go....

Idea pinched from Fox In Flats

As you all know I was dreading Mother's Day with. a. passion!

Thankfully we survived. It wasn't the day I planned at all - (I woke up rather ill)
But I forced myself to at least make the trip to the cemetery to pay our respects to mum and I am glad we did.

I feel a bit more at peace now. I feel like I have a way to release the unhappiness thanks to an idea from Fox In Flats in releasing a balloon, and we also blew some bubbles for nan.

We spent the day on Saturday making a little patch in the garden for nan and I know I have somewhere now to keep adding to on special occasions and just because.

I forget at times what a big hole has been left in the boys lives. I was reminded today when I asked Mr 9 who he wrote about for his hero in today's NAPLAN test. His reply .... Nanny.

He misses her dearly but holds it all so close. I need to stop wallowing. Hopefully our little garden will give us that special release we all need.

Coming up to the 12mth anniversary of mums death next month, until then I know I will still be battling the demons. But I feel once we reach that first year things will become easier.  I hope!


Unknown said…
I can't begin to imagine how hard Mother's Day must have been for you. The balloons & garden sound like a great idea and you must have been so proud that your son viewed his nan as being his hero. My son didn't talk to me about Naplan but I'd be interested to know who he wrote about.
All the best x