Are you a Picster?

Picster is an app for iPad and iPhone that creates professional-looking digital photo albums to share instantly through social media or via email links to a webview site.

This FREE app allows users to create tailor-made albums in just a few minutes from their photo library, organise their photos into albums of events – such as ‘Our Wedding’, ‘My Makeup Looks’, ‘My Favourite Meals’, ‘Summer Trip to Byron Bay’, ‘Josh’s 30th Birthday’ – and have a collection of professionally-displayed photos they can share with family and friends.

Clean lines, simple design and professional graphic design ensure Picster albums look sophisticated and are user-friendly, without advertising pop-ups.  Unlike Instagram, where the emphasis is on taking photos to share, Picster is all about photo sharing, not taking, allowing the focus to stay on displaying your images the professional and fun way. / FREE download on iPad and iPhone