Why DO we have the worst rate of food allergies?

Australia has one of the worst rates of food allergies and eczema in the world, with one in five people suffering an allergy and numbers expected to rise by 70% if prevention isn't developed now.  

Thankfully a group of 20 leading researchers are working together to better understand food allergies and intolerances.

The scientists hope their work will lead to strategies to prevent food allergies developing.

A few discoveries include: 

 * Early introduction of egg is safe and may even protect against the development of egg allergy

* Pets, especially dogs, and siblings may be protective factors

* Vitamin D status is linked to the development of infantile food allergy

Source: University of Melbourne and Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

The worst factor of all - it may take up to 12 months for a child to get an appointment with a specialist to help manage their allergy or intolerance. 

This is simply not cricket! Families are left to watch their child or loved one suffer, simply because the system is so backed up. 

I have had friends watch their children suffering with dreadful skin conditions due to allergies, putting up with lots of postponed appointments before they could finally get any answers 12mths or more down the track.

I hope they can find some answers and help those families suffering discomfort and fear of severe allergic reactions.

Luckily we only suffer from food intolerances in the BZ household, which isn't life threatening, just uncomfortable and annoying at times.

I feel for families that battle to get answers, and hope this new research can lead to better treatment and prevention program. 

Do you or someone you love suffer with any allergies or intolerances?


katef said…
That research looks interesting... the Vit D stuff especially.

Our twins have nut allergies, we are currently waiting for a review and have been told it will be 6-18months till we get an appointment, luckily it is just a review!