The worst thing to say to a woman...

An interesting report on mentioned today that the worst possible thing you can say to a woman is "When's the baby due?". 

A quarter of 500 females polled by leisure website voted the phrase the worst possible thing you could say.

In second place was: "Yes, your bum looks big".

Followed by "You look tired" and "Calm down dear".

Ohh "Calm down dear" makes my blood boil. Do. not. tell. me. to. calm. down!

Someone recently asked me when I was due.  It was a wake up call if anything. I wasn't angry at them, just angry at myself.

I think the worst thing someone can say to me is "Just relax". It drove me batty when we were trying to conceive, and it still drives me batty when I am uptight about something and people say "Just relax" or "Calm down".  I would be relaxed if I wasn't really worried about something. OK!

What is the worst thing someone could say to you?