Shock horror! I enjoyed cleaning today. No. I don't have a fever!

I was so excited the other day when a courier driver knocked on my door with this little (OK big!) package. 

Thanks to Stanley Black & Decker for giving me the opportunity to check out the Steam mop deluxe with steambuster.

I was actually excited about doing the cleaning for the first time ever today!  Shock horror! (No I don't have a fever!)

Very easy to assemble and heats up in only 15 seconds ready to go! Seriously!  Quick swipe over the kitchen floor and voila I was done. No cleaning products needed.

I also used the carpet glider plate and gave our lounge room floor the once over. Looks great, but will need a few goes to bring it back to an acceptable state after these boys have trashed it!

Impressed yet?

Well it can also...

    * Deep Clean, Hassle Free
    * Kills 99.9% of bacteria and germs- no chemicals required.
    * Has a removable, easy to fill water tank – just add tap water, no chemicals required! In-built water filtering system – protects the steam mop from lime scale for longer life.
    * Honestly is ready to use in 15 seconds! Tank illumination changes from red to blue when the steam mop is ready for use.
    * Has digital AutoSelect™ Technology - select the correct floor type, the right amount of steam is released and floors will dry in seconds
    * Extra Steam on Demand – steam boost releases 50% more steam for cleaning stubborn dirt.
    * Swivel Steering - 180⁰ pivoting mop head manoeuvres around furniture and in tight spaces.
    * Self-standing feature + steam automatically shuts off when locked in the upright position.
    * Easy Glide™ Micro Fibre pad for ultimate pick up performance, lasts over 100 wash cycles.
    * Multi-purpose portable steam cleaner – uses the power of steam to clean grease, burnt on foods and grime with ease. Professional cleaning attachments included

I am in love. The only negative I can find is the cord which is quite short, but that is a no brainer with a good extension cord.

I have always eyed off steam mops but thought they were another cleaning product I really didn't need. How wrong was I?  It actually means I can toss away many of the other cleaning products and use ONE mop to do the job of many.

Do you own a steam mop? Are you happy with it?