Fave reads on this mundane Tuesday...

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I have found some interesting stories to read this week so far. Some funny, some sad, some down right crazy!

I thought I would share my faves on this mundane Tuesday.

15 Differences Between The First Child And The Next One - So. SO! True. I agree with every point Scary Mommy made.

Divinyls at No.1 on iTunes album chart with best of album Essential - What a beautiful tribute to a rock legend!

RIP Chrissy Amphlett  - So sad to see another great soul lost to cancer.

The story of Brave little Levi - Such a strong little man, fighting the hard fight.

Beauty back in time - I loved looking at the old products and remembering dear old Nan.

Will I remember those I love? Early onset dementia on the rise - Such an important read we all need to take note of. Too close to home for me and something I fear with all my might.

Kasey Chambers and hubby call it quits - I NEVER expected to read this that's for sure!

Kate Middleton to move in with mum post-birth - Shock horror! Kate plans to move home once bubs is born.

What interesting reads have you discovered lately?