Dads so shocked by childbirth they suffer PTSD!

In the News today Dads are being left so mentally scarred after being present at their child's birth that some have even been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Oxford University researchers interviewed men whose partners had procedures including emergency caesareans. The response was surprising with repeated stories of dads being left alone in hospital corridors with no idea what was happening, ending in fear for the lives of both their partner and baby.

One father was left feeling suicidal after suffering flashbacks of his wife's horrific birthing experience.

Now experts are calling for hospitals to pay more attention to the effects on the father, especially at a difficult birth.

I am thinking HARDEN UP dad! Imagine how WE feel experiencing it! Seriously? You have no idea.

I was lucky my delivery was fairly straight forward and hubby was right beside me the whole time. I would hope if things had gone different he still would have been close by and kept up to date with what was happening.

Do men have it too easy and need to harden up? Or do we need to pay more attention to dad during birth?


Unknown said…
Wow! That is interesting. Being that my husband is now my ex, and knowing what took place for the birth of my last child, I would reactively say "Harden Up", but maybe that explains a few things?

Oh well, we will never know and for that I think I am truly grateful.