10 parenting habits that get on my nerves

Daily Mail reports baby-related social media updates, wearing clothes that match your child's, being forced to listen to a newborn's gurgling down the phone and hearing friends do cutesy voices for their infants have been voted the parenting habits we find most annoying according to a survey.

Not disciplining unruly tots in public and swearing in front of your children also made the list of the most irritating traits of mothers and fathers, according to myvouchercode.co.uk.

Guilty of 8 out of 10 here.  Not admitting which ones though!

Here is MY list of most annoying parenting habits...

1) Ignoring your child's cry - "Muuummmmm!!!" is not fun to hear over and over and over when visiting someone or in a public place with a million other "Muuummmm's!!!"

2) Letting kids interrupt adult conversation

3) Allowing kids to climb on people's furniture when visiting

4) Letting kids be cheeky to adults (time and place people!)

5) Parents who walk out without ensuring kids help clean up the toys/mess

6) People who just hang around to get the gossip to spread

7) Party guests who drop and run without any acknowledgement

8) Kids who think it is OK to be cruel and nasty (Parents fault imo!)

9) Repeated pics on FB of your baby doing the same thing over and over and over - Cute once. Not so cute the 100th time! 

10) Letting your kid scream. Screaming is painful. STOP IT!!!

What would be on YOUR list of top 10 parenting habits that get on your nerves? 


b4imold said…
My neighbours kids (6 of them 3 families)and that would be omitting #1 and #9
JacintaV said…
Just reading your list and hoping I'm not guilty :P