Nine years ago I never would have imagined this...

After surgery 2004

BUPA Kidfit Triathlon 2013

Little Athletics 2013

Long jump at Little Athletics 2013

BUPA Kidfit Triathlon 2013
Little Athletics 2013

Proud to finish BUPA Kidfit Triathlon 2013

School Swimming Carnival ribbons 2013

Footy training at the beach 2013

Updated May 2015
Now eleven years old this kid has proved us all wrong! Long distance was never something he could conquer in the past.  Today he kicked butt and came in 6th at the school cross country which means he can join the squad to compete in the local/area competition. WOO HOO!

He is doing really well with his football and never says no to trying out anything.  We are so lucky that our Heartkid is a strong, fit and healthy young lad. 

Footy season 2015

Bupfit 2015

Original post March 2013

I remember one of the first questions we asked the surgeon when they were telling us about Logan's heart condition was if he would be able to participate in any sport when he was old enough.

As you can see from the above pictures it has not held him back at all! I would never have pictured any of this nine years ago when we were going through the hard times.  We are so lucky that he is able to join in any sport he is interested in and do his best with no concerns at all.

He does get tired and can't cope with long distance running at all, but he tries and that is all we can ask for. He amazes me over and over again and we are so proud of our Heartkid.

So far this year he has participated in Little Athletics, Swimming lessons, School swim carnival, started footy training ready for the junior season which starts in April and today he participated in the BUPA Kidfit Triathlon.  He also plays footy and cricket most days with the kids in the neighbourhood and keeps up pretty well with most kids his age.

So proud and in awe of my hero!


JonathanT said…
Hi there, this is a wonderful story for Logan. The ability for these kids to participate in sport is so vital and important, yet it seems that once the palliative side of HK is past, there is no support. My daughter will be 13 in two weeks, and has uncorrected TGA, DORV and a few other issues like Total Heart Block, but is as active as possible. She has just given away netball as she couldn't keep up finally, as the adolescents sped up, but she swims in swimming carnivals, and does very well. She even got a silver medal at the school sport national competition, so anything is possible. Keep at it Logan!