Juggling work, kids and social life is a tough gig

So as we get ready for the start of footy season I must ponder, how the hell am I meant to juggle footy training into the weekly mix of work, and family life? With a four year old that gets bored FAST!

We have just done Little Aths and Mr 4 whinged and moaned every. single. week! "I'm bored. Can we go home now?"

We generally like to do these things as a family, because I feel guilty if I don't go and I always seem to miss out on Mr 9's achievements.  But I must say I am beginning to think maybe Mr BZ will have to do the Sunday footy thing on his own. Or at least sometimes! I guess time will tell how Mr 4 behaves.

While I do footy training mid week, with a four year old on my own. (YAY for me)

Seems to be the way of my life these days. If there is some social activity to be done usually Mr BZ gets to go on his own, while I stay home with the terrors. Sometimes that's fine by me. Other times I hide my remorse. 

So how do you juggle the kids sports and training? Do you attend as a family or does just mum or dad take the kids to their sport of choice? How do the younger siblings cope?