A family in need deserves a helping hand...

I want to share a brief story of a wonderful friend who desperately needs some luck on her side.
Leanne, is a kind, loving, completely selfless woman who lives for her family. She is one person I know always offers a friendly ear and an open mind.

Faced with many life long challenges, she is now struggling to keep afloat, and do it all herself. She is not one to ever ask for help, but this lady is truly deserving of a helping hand...

Leanne is a wife, and mother of 5.
Josh (23) has intellectual disability and mental health issues and several suicide attempts.
Aneeta (30) and her three young children (8,7 & 3) have recently had to move back in with Leanne to start a new life free from a violent husband.

And John Jr (8) and suffers with food phobia's and migraines.

Aleacia (6) with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, has upcoming surgeries to have an Intrathecal Baclofen Pump inserted to ease her stiffness and nightly spasms. Plus major foot surgery to straighten her feet so she can retain the ability to do the small amount of walking with a walking frame she does now.

But the biggest stresses this year have definitely been Bindi (17)
In January she endured 3 lifesaving brain surgeries with infections and other complications, spending 6 weeks in hospital. Leanne spent hundreds of dollars for hospital parking to sit by her bedside all day, every day while she was in hospital.  

Please read her full story HERE and donate any spare dollars you can to show your support to a beautiful lady. I know she would do the same for anyone else in the same boat so let's show her the kindness that exists in the world.