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Bosisto’s Lavender Spray, Mother Nature’s sleep and relaxation remedy is the perfect antidote to assist in calming nerves, relieving stress and to help send you off into a blissful night’s sleep.

You will appreciate knowing that it is also perfect for using in baby’s nursery, not only to help calm and settle baby before sleep but also as a natural room and nappy bin deodoriser. And as it’s pure, natural and contains no harsh chemicals it won’t irritate sensitive little noses.

It can be used in so many other ways around the home too. From sweetly scenting guest bedrooms and linen cupboards to killing germs and eliminating odours in rubbish bins, bathrooms and pet areas.

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Blue Zone is lucky enough to have 4x Bosisto's Lavender Prize Packs to giveaway thanks to FGB Natural Products.

For your chance to WIN share with me below your best stress relieving tips.  What helps you relax and unwind.... 

Winners are...

Di from Max The Unicorn
Rebel without a pause
Margy B      

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Deep breathing and if that fails (and it's convenient) a bubblebath! Preferably with a glass of wine :)
Hotly Spiced said…
I just put on my FB page that some days are best ended with a 17-year old beverage!

But I'd like to try the lavender with it!
DebbieD said…
My de-stress trick is finding some me-time. It can be reading a mag, some uninterrupted online time or just a quiet cuppa alone. Anything that lets me clear my mind for a few mins! Love lavendar BTW, lavendar & vanilla are my very favourite scents ever :)
Ooh! I need this. I have just moved into a rental that *reeks* of cigarette smoke. Lavender!

Pinterest, believe it or not, is one of the best ways to de-stress me. I come on and visit one of my favourite boards (I have an embarrassing number of them) and pretty pictures actually make a big difference to me. I've been able to use it believe it or not to stop an anxiety attack from building.

That and some Van Morrison.
princessnutnut said…
I have cuddle time on my bed with my kid's, where we relax an talk about everything.
Unknown said…
A walk along the beach is a great way to relax and relieve stress.
oozzle said…
Hot baths and good music! All of this with peace though, not with kids banging on the door while their daddy burns dinner! LOL
Suze said…
I always feel better if I can go for a brisk walk on my own. Clears my head and makes for a calmer Mummy when I get home. That, or a good long soak in the tub with the headphones LOUD and a glass of wine at the ready! x
Suze said…
Haha looks like us Mums think alike - a bath is not really complete without music and wine! :-P
Margy B said…
It used to take candles and long relaxing lavender baths.
Now I'm in my mid 60's, it's FINDING energy that is the problem. I'm always 10 minutes away from a nap!
I try to free my mind from clutter('cause I know the house will never be again)

The I soak in lavender infused bath and think fondly upon a scenario where Jax from Sons of Anarchy roughly throws me on the back of his Harley...

Enough said.
Toushka Lee said…
I know a million and three good relaxation tips but never use them. I'm terrible at taking time to relax. However, today I was lucky enough to have a one hour pedicure and it was VERY relaxing. I think I should do that every week. But the budget will not allow that.

The budget friendly stress relief tip is three long deep breaths. ahhhhh.
Kim maxwell said…
Doing tae kwon do is the biggest stress reliever, all that kicking and punching melts the stress away..
Lucky winners are....
Di from Max The Unicorn
Margy B

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