Techy Toddlers: Too young or the way of the world?

I watched Play School today with Mr 3 and they were talking about blogging.  Matt was going to write on his blog and then he shared a tweet...  haha!  It seriously cracked me up

Mr 3 had NO IDEA what they are on about and I certainly can't imagine him needing to tweet or blog anytime soon.

Matt also got excited as he received a  text message and had the digital camera at the ready for photo's.

I know it is the norm for kids these days to spend time on mum or dad's phone or computer playing games.  But teaching toddlers to blog is a bit over the top don't you think? They spend too much time indoors as it is! Can we just let them be young and innocent for a little bit longer?

What do you think? Are we spending too much time shoving technology into the faces of our innocent kiddies?


Jodie said…
Hi Tracy I've just found your blog through an old post at The Home She made.

Hmmm it's a tough one. On one hand we don't want our kids to be left behind but on the other we want them to be kids and just play and have fun and be worry free. A balance between the two would be ideal and I certainly agree with the blogging thing. Seriously? Pre schoolers don't need to know that. I plan on keeping my kids away from things like blogs, facebook, twitter for as long as I can (I have 2 boys a 2 yr old and a baby) however it's like fighting a losing battle. Would love to hear what other parents think.