Meatball Medley

I am one of those cooks that can never stick to an original recipe.  I always add a dash of this and that, and leave out something else.

Hence I can NEVER make my meatballs the same way twice, and when I get a mix I really enjoy, I have no idea how to replicate again next time.

The latest batch of meatballs was quite tasty, still convinced there is another way

Meatball mix
500g mince
Tomato paste
Italian herbs - Gourmet Garden
Cracked pepper

Combine mince and ingredients and form into small balls. Pop into a greased oven proof dish.  Combine all sauce ingredients and pour over the top of meatballs.  Place in oven (180 degrees) and cook until just brown. Top with cheese and bake for a further 15mins.

Tomato Sauce
Ardmona Duo - Basil and Garlic
Red wine
Cracked pepper
Chicken stock powder

Serve with linguine and Parmesan cheese.