I remember...

Image source: Cuppa for HeartKids

I remember the Paediatrician knocking on the door and sitting on the end of the bed
I remember  the words that came out of her mouth next  - Your child is showing signs of heart disease
I remember feeling broken
I remember the hardest phone call to let family know
I remember the longest flight in history
I remember the tears that wouldn't stop flowing
I remember the smell of anti-bacterial hand wash
I remember spending the day in a daze when you underwent your 8hr surgery
I remember wishing it was me
I remember finally being allowed to bring you home
I remember it all like it was yesterday.

You are my hero xx

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carmen said…
As a parent who has been on a similar journey, I send lots of love, strength, hugs and smiles. It's quite a journey this life.
Thanks Carmen! I hope your son/daughter is doing well xx
Jacra said…
Thinking of you guys, now after my cousins had a heart kid, i now totally understand most of it. Feeling for you both & L. I also remember the day when we were told of B's chronic illness, NEVER will i forget that day also, just like you. wishing L a healthy life, along with his bro & parents. xx