Respect no more...

I have always been taught to respect my elders, and as much as I do NOT want to go against what my dear mum (and dad) taught me, how do you do that when you are offered no respect in return?

Respect is something we earn and not something we hand out willy nilly just for fun. Especially to people you just want to punch in the face.

This is a very emotional and difficult time for me, and I never ask anyone for help. NEVER!

So the one time I do need help, in a REAL time of need, I would have hoped to get that support with no second thought.  Did it happen?  NO!

As I struggle through the sadness that keeps hitting me in waves, I also have this anger to deal with, that shouldn't be there.  These people have added to my stress instead of easing the load for me.

These people SHOULD be the only other people I can rely on, but sadly, I learnt in my real time of need, that I can't :(

I have to suffer them in my life for the sake of my children, but I have a loooong memory and will NEVER forget their lack of support the ONE time I needed it.

It might not be healthy, and may be, over time, when the pain starts to slowly heal I will let go of this anger as well.  But for now they have lost my total respect and I will be distancing myself as much as possible so as not to upset the kids.

Are you one to hold a grudge? Or do you think it is important to let things go and move on?