How to keep an 8 year old boy busy....

School holidays have arrived in Tas.  Can you guess what the weather is doing?  Yep, you got it in one. Showers are forecast for the rest of this week and I have two boys running amok inside while I try to work amongst the racket.

Thanks to daddy one of today's activities included creating a Crystal Monster that he grabbed from the post office. 

These mutant monsters from Colorific are awesome!  Mr 8 is right into crystals at the moment so he was in heaven!

We went from this.....

To this in a matter of only a few hours.

The boys loved watching it change in front of their eyes. 

Bargain at under $10.  I will be sending daddy out for more that's for sure!

How do you entertain the kids on cold, wet days?


That's the exact same age of my son and I am telling you that this appears to be the hardest thing I have to deal with,lately! Especially when you add in the picture and his younger brother, who does not stay still for a second:) And you are right, summer vacation is here and we have so long days to be filled with different activities, thanks for the ideas and love reading your posts:)
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