Ban the bad numbers!

To watch your child swing from a happy confident kid, to an angry basket case within an hour is really not fun.

We found our selves on this non stop pendulum last year with our then 6-7yr old and had no idea what path we needed to take to find our happy boy again.

The Paediatrician said it was just the age and a struggle with emotions he couldn't control.
The Psychologist said he was suffering separation anxiety.

I, on the other hand, was not convinced by either of these answers.

I would watch him play happily and laugh with glea, only to then snap with anger and scream from upset.  It HAD to be something. It was not normal and he was becoming a tormented soul.  "Maybe it is something he is eating", I said to hubby one day.

Turns out it was.  I kept a close eye on what he was eating before the mood swings and sure enough a packet of chicken noodle soup containing MSG set of another emotional meltdown.

VOILA!  That was all I needed to go on a massive clean out of the pantry and look seriously into food intolerances and the affects it can have on kids.

I was shocked to read some of the symptoms.  And many of them described our son to a T!

I am ashamed to admit I was one of those people who always sniggered when people mentioned food sensitivities.  I apologise to those people now. It really is a hard thing to deal with on a regular basis.  And it is even harder when friends and family kind of brush it off and think you are exaggerating.

I am glad we worked through all our options and didn't accept the answer from either our Paed or Psychologist.  Our boy is so different today, and we sure do notice when he eats something that we should have avoided.  His attitude is a dead giveaway!

The first thing we cut was MSG and flavour enhancers.  Which included products like chicken noodle soup, most products with chicken flavour, BBQ shape biscuits, Samboy chips (original are fine!) lots of his favourite foods which made me feel like such a nasty mum, but when his teacher and class mates even noticed how different his attitude was, he was feeling very chuffed with himself!

If you are having behaviourial issues with your child I highly recommend looking into diet and considering what foods might be worth cutting to see if it makes a different. 

Check out for great information as well as this article from Food Matters titled Which Additives Make Children Behave Badly?

If you would like to ask any questions feel free or even send me an email!