The Naked Truth

Zooey Deschanel's recent makeup free pose for People has been a hot topic this week.

What makes them so different to the millions of women (especially busy mums) in the world who go makeup free on a daily basis? We don't make a huge fuss about it that's for sure.

Don't we all wake up fresh faced and Au naturale each morning?  Morning faces proved that!

Is it really such a big deal for celebs to be seen with no makeup on? Do they secretly jump out of bed with full makeup? I don't think so!

So here I am....  Totally Au naturale and full of splotches.  Who cares.  I am no model that's for sure!

Do you need a slick of makeup before heading out the door each day or do you prefer the natural look?

If you're game enough to join me in the Makeup free movement, post a photo on Blue Zone's Facebook page or upload to Twitter tagging @BlueZoneOnly.


dangle said…
You're lovely - you should go without makeup more :-)
Unknown said…
I haven't worn makeup in ages. It just slides off here in the heat anyway. I used to wear it everyday. Now it just feels wrong. I like a fresh face.
Can't see any splotches on you by the way.
Holiday said…
Make-up is pretty redundant! I mean, if a lady is granted with natural beauty, why smear stuff on her face? Quite unnecessary.