I'll Tell Ya What I Want....

Mother's Day is slowly creeping up on us.

Many years have gone by were I kind of made it all about MY mum and mil, instead of celebrating the day for ME!

Now mum isn't really aware of what's going on I guess that means I can focus more on what I want and not stress about racing here, there and everywhere to please others.

We still intend to spend time with our mum's. Just not the whole day like usual.

I am looking forward to going out for breakfast with my boys and have dropped LOTS of hints for my special gift ;)

Don't get me wrong.  I will still be totally in love and happy if I receive a gorgeous handmade card and gift!

The ONE thing I really would love is an answer for Alzheimers/Dementia.  I know that is not going to happen anytime in the near future. So I will settle on special time with my loved ones and one of the pressies on my wish list...joking!  hahaha!!  But it sure would be an added bonus to the day :)

What are you hoping for this Mother's Day? 


Cheap Holidays said…
Great selection. I hope that you will receive at least one of these cause you totally deserve it! Happy Mother's Day!
Unknown said…
I would like a sleep in. And that means hubby actually doing the night shift and letting me sleep alllll night and then getting up whenever I feel like it.
I would like flowers. that's all.
I have already booked the sleep (yay). but the flowers will be a shock if they actually happen.
Hope you have a good day :)
JacintaV said…
Love that cake stand. Love those boots