I have Uploadorrhea. How about you?

I was reading this article today about the Maladies of motherhood.  It had me in fits of laughter.  Worth a read if you need a laugh.

It lead me to finally speak out about my severe case of Uploadorrhea and Munch-hausen's Syndrome.

Uploadorrhea is t
he compulsion to e-mail endless pictures of our children to everyone. 

Well in my case I don't actually email people, but I do flood my family and friends with endless pictures on Facebook which I assume drives some of them totally mental.  Please forgive my dreaded case of uploadorrhea people! I can't promise it will pass anytime soon though I'm afraid *blush*.

Munch-hausen’s Syndrome:
The constant need to snack.

Yep! That's me worst luck. Munch-hausen's attacks at the strangest times and you simply have no way of knowing when the next
severe craving will occur. 

Thankfully if you are strong enough you can overcome Munch-hausen's a lot easier than you can Uploadorrhea, so I may win my battle with that one yet.

So tell me I'm not alone here.  Do you suffer with either of these mummy illnesses? Don't be shy! We can come out of the closet together.


Sometimes I will be writing late at night, literally about to push the publish button and - WAHM - I have to eat something. Very annoying, I don't think my waist line is happy about it! :D
lol - definitely

Munch-hausen’s Syndrome: The constant need to snack.
JacintaV said…
Guilty of both :)