Home is where mum heads

Or in our case a home is where mum is.

It breaks my heart to think of someone else looking after my mum.

I know it is for the best and I know dad deserves a break, but I just can't accept it no matter how hard I try.

She slips away from us more and more each day.  Which means more and more responsibility and pressure on dad and I love him dearly for keeping mum at home with him for as long as he possibly could.

The time has come to admit defeat in a way and let someone else step up and play the carer.

Which I know is a relief for dad. And the best thing possible for mum.

As I sit and think of my mother being in some unfamiliar room possibly pining for my dad my heart shatters and I have to swallow the lump that just won't leave my throat this week.

This week respite, next month possibly full time care if the placement becomes available.

What I would kill to sit and have a cuppa with my mum and just bitch about the world outside.

Relish the simple things!  You really never know when you can loose the things you take for granted.


Staceynm said…
I'm so sorry to hear this :( I'm trying to think of something to say but it's heartbreaking when these things happen but sometimes it's for the best, your mum loves you and your family and dad and even if she has dementia or is getting ill she will always know deep down that you all love her as well xx
JacintaV said…
I don't know what to say either. Makes me feel so sad, brings tears to my eyes. Must be so heartbreaking for you all. So sad for me and she's just my auntie not my mum. Hugs xxx