Healthy curried chicken noodle stirfry

One thing I know the boys will eat for dinner (and go back for more!) is noodles.

I have been whipping up this super easy curried chicken noodle and veg stirfry for a while now. Always a winner.

500g diced chicken
1tsp Keen's Curry Powder  (Or more if you like a bit of bite)
1tsp Massel chicken stock powder (I always prefer salt reduced)
1 cup water
Cracked pepper
Singapore noodles
Vegies (I always add carrot, celery, peas and broccolini)

Heat pan and stirfry chicken until cooked through, add curry powder and allow to cook for a couple of minutes.  Toss in carrot and celery and stirfry until tender.  Add chicken stock powder and water.  Stir through other vegies and cook until tender.  Toss in noodles and cracked pepper to taste.

I always serve topped with crunchy noodles.   Yummmm!!!


JacintaV said…
I'm going to try this!