What makes you proud of mummy?

I just stumbled upon this image on Pinterest and thought I would make it my job this week to sit down with both my boys and see what answers they come up with.

Can't wait to share with you what response I get!

I dare you to sit down and do the same with your children.

Will you join me?

OK, I have just asked Cohen who is 3 yrs....


1) Be a good boy
2) Smiles
3) Crying
4) Tickle
5) n/a
6) 8 (I wish!)
7) BIG!
8) Play
9) Cooks
10) n/a
11) Cooking
12) Driving a car, cause you don't have licence!
13) Play on 'puter
14) Toast
15) Doing tea?
16) Penny (Fireman Sam)
17) Make things!
18) Both love lollies!
19) Me am Cohen. You are mummy!
20) Cause you are my best friend!
21) Park  

Now Mr 8's turn...
1) I love you
2) Chocolate
3) Me and Cohen being naughty
4) Tickling me
5) You went to school on a boat
6) 38
7) I went from 5m to 100cm
8) Go out somewhere and not be stuck at home
9) Work
10) Being a movie star!
11) The computer
12) Playing video games
13) Work on the computer
14) Chocolate
15) Winning stuff
16) Wonder woman!
17) Cooking
18) Both love chocolate
19) You're a girl and I'm a boy
20) Cuddles
21) Movies