Sensitive situation...

As I get older my skin seems to suffer more and more.  (So what, you say?)  Well I noticed I developed eczema.  Which does seem to worsen when I am under any stress. 

It is ugly and embarrassing and I really do hate it!

Both our boys have also suffered with sensitive skin at times, I rushed Mr 3 to the doctor thinking he had Hand, Foot and Mouth when he broke out in little blisters on his toes and finger tips.  Turned out it was the bath wash he had reacted too.  Oops!

We have since been using the Aveeno range and had no problems at all.  I have also been using the moisture range after my shower each morning and find it very refreshing.

The AVEENO® brand has been recommended by US dermatologists and paediatricians for more than 60 years. With skin nourishing, natural colloidal oatmeal and rich moisturising emollients, AVEENO® Baby delivers extra moisturisation and soothing relief to baby’s dry skin.

The range starts at $10.99 and is well worth the value.  Check it out next time you go shopping!