Plan your way to sane

I try to have a weekly meal plan in mind at the start of each week. I don't write it down, I just have a few meals in mind and then get the meat out the night before ready to prepare the following day.

I decided today I need to have a good plan of attack for dinner each night as this week is an off shopping week so I need to use up what meat we have before getting any fresh fish and meat for the Easter break.

We have chicken drumsticks, a whole chicken, some chorizo, a piece of steak (no idea why there is only one!) and a tin of tuna to add into the mix.

We have a few good choices with the chicken drumsticks. Apricot chicken, or Italian tomato chicken sounds good. A  Honey and rosemary chicken sounds nice with the whole chook.

Beef stroganoff with the steak and a tuna mornay should see me through the week.

Are you a meal planner?  What's on the menu in your kitchen this week?


I have been sooooooooooooooooooooooooo slack with meals for the last three months and I am so sick of eating crap and wasting food. I def have to make a proper meal plan, priorities must be put in order!
I had a meal plan all set out, and then I went grocery shopping and left my list at home!! So this week I only have Zucchini Slice & Salad organised for 1 day...and I need just one more recipe, probably do a roast veg cous cous!