No More Tangles

One of the worst tasks as a mum is washing little ones hair, and then even worse, trying to comb a mass of curls while little people scream and squirm.

Johnson's NO MORE TANGLES® is ideal for all families. Even mum can use it to make the morning routine much easier. I have been using the NO MORE TANGLES® spray each morning on the boys and myself and I must say it has been such a breeze compared to the usual whinging.

Mr 3 has even let me wash his hair without screaming. Shock horror!

The unique NO MORE TANGLES® formula leaves hair easy to comb, whilst the NO MORE TEARS® stamp of approval means the shampoo, conditioner and spray have been through a rigorous four stage testing process and are proven to be gentle enough for even sensitive eyes.

Find the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® range in the baby aisle of your supermarket.