Mixed up and messy

I get sick of the nonstop emotional roller coast I seem to ride every month. I am leaning more and more towards hormones, nobody could be this loopy without a reason. Could they?

I think I will have to give in and start taking the pill again.  I am sick of feeling like this all the time.
I haven't taken the pill for over 9yrs and really don't like the thought of being on it for any long period of time, but I can't continue down this path either.

I'm either a grumpy bitch, flat insecure sook, or happy as a pig in shit.

Damn hormones!!

Do you ride the hormone train of hell each month?  How do you cope with the emotions?


Moving Company said…
I agree that sometimes hormones make us feel and behave strangely, but this happens to all of us!
Jacra said…
Hey, Yes over the yrs i must admit, i was very much like that, moody just before it was happening. Then i recently found out that i was still "moody" even though i was on "happy pills". Then my Gp decided that i was still hitting that "low moody place" & yes, i was beginning to menopause!! so may i say, on HRT, & my moods.......what moods? Rarely have any moods now....& feeling oh so confident & sure of myself.......i can do anything now!! So Chick, i reckon go you your GP, mention to him what "life has been for you lately" explain to him how you often feel!! Then hopefully he will put you on the best type of meds for it! Now do it, or i will keep on asking ya. Gl chick xx