Love Hate Relationship with the Dandelion

I have to admit I really do NOT like the smell of Dandelions. Mr 3 often picks me a Dandelion and I have to smile and say thanks sweetie, while tossing it away as soon as he turns his back.  Ewww they stink!!

I do LOVE when the Dandelion is in seed though, and you can blow the little seeds and make a wish.

As you can see above, my cheeky boys also love making a wish on a Dandelion.

What is your fave and least fave flower?


rambling mum said…
my kids pick me dandelions from our yard & they have to go on the window ledge in a tiny glass. sometimes they leave them long enough in the yard to become "blowies" & then the fight's on as to who gets them first (he got more than me kind of thing!) fav flower? rose for the scent. least fav? can't think of one!