Just what the doctor ordered...

Footprints in the sand... Mr 3 and myself

We packed up late Tuesday and headed to the family shack by the beach for a few days.  I knew if I didn't go then I wouldn't want to go at all.  I was feeling quite unmotivated I must say.

So glad we went. The boys love getting to the beach and they got to spend some time fishing with Poppy, which is their FAVOURITE thing to do and something they don't get a lot of anymore.

Nan and Pop spent one night with us, which was great. It was nice to spend that time with mum. The precious moments are few and far between now.  She had a cheeky spark to her that reminded me of my dear old nan and just gave me that little glimmer of the old times, that I miss so bad.

We are loosing her more and more each day now, so I know it is important to hold on tight to these special memories for the boys and myself as well.

Time always seem to run away so fast, we were packing up and heading back home before we knew it.

Back to the grind stone on Tuesday.  I could so get used to this holiday mode.  I feel relaxed and at ease with everything when in holiday mode, instead of my usual ball of nerves and unease.

How are you feeling this week? Are you a ball of stress or chilled and relaxed? 


Actually Amy said…
Oh your holidays sounds nice. We are all relaxed here as the kids have been on holidays for the last two weeks but they head back tomorrow morning, I am already dreading the school run!

Thanks for linking up x
Thanks for dropping by Amy! Hope I did it right. I am still getting the hang of some stuff. lol
Unknown said…
We love going to the shack. I can't explain what it is, but I can breathe better there and relax my shoulders more. The kids love it too, being free to run on the beach or swim.