It's a mans world!

I have a daddy's boy.  Mr 3 does everything with daddy. And daddy HAS to do everything for him!

It drives me kind of crazy really. I am a tad jealous I guess. I am home with him all week, yet daddy is always the flavour of the month!

He tells everyone he is daddy's boy.

Building sandcastles with daddy

                                                                                    Walking the dog with daddy

 Daddy "slide"

Making mini pizza with daddy

Testing out the "big" bike with daddy

Are your children all mummy or all daddy?


Unknown said…
It is the opposite in my house, and our son insists on me doing everything with and for him. But there may be a link here, as hubby stays home with our son while I work part-time. I guess me doing things when I am home evens things out for him.