If I wasn't a mum...

If I wasn't a mum my world would be so different today. As I reflect on that thought I realise it wouldn't be a good different either.

I am both lucky and honoured to be a mum. I have so much to look forward to each day thanks to my precious boys.

If I wasn't a mum...

I would be working full time
I would be dining out more
I would be yelling less
I would live in a clean and tidy house 24/7 (But not a home)
I would have money for travel and romantic weekends

I also...
Wouldn't be a blogger or work in Social Media
Wouldn't have my own entertainment at hand 24/7
Wouldn't have cuddles and kisses on tap
Wouldn't have met so many precious friends online
Wouldn't know what it felt like to cherish someone so much you would die for them
Wouldn't feel whole

I simply wouldn't be me....