Decisions are not my strong suit!

We have been studying kitchen products so much lately, I am even dreaming about kitchens now.

We are at the final end of decision making and ready to give the green light to the builder to kick off when possible.

We are thinking of white bench top, with waterfall edge. White cupboard doors and white tiles. (one of either options to below). With a feature of mocha under bench similar to above and also the overhead cupboard doors.  

Stainless steel appliances and floating floor. (I think)

I hate making big decisions.  It is tricky when you have no one close to toss the ideas around with. Everyone has such different ideas.  I hope we are doing the right thing!

What would your dream kitchen include?


Anonymous said…
I have much of what you are describing. I wouldn't go for a laminate bench top. If you can afford it, go for a stone like top or a marble at the upper end of the scale. I love my white bench tops but hate that they mark so easily. I've dropped a couple of knives on them, of course pointy end down and it had damaged the laminex and it scratches really easily. Despite all of your certainties that you'll never cut anything directly on the bench, you (or someone else) will and it will scratch the bench top. Ours is about 2.5 years old and I'm already seriously ready to move to a marble or fake stone overlay.
I have floating floors and love them. They have been incredibly durable with young children. The only down side is the dust bunnies! They are so much more visible! But would be also with tiles and things just shatter on tiles so I wouldn't go there. Can't wait to see the pics of your finished kitchen!
Hey Lori!
Thanks for your feedback.
Unfortunately our budget won't push to acrylic tops or stone etc.
Quite a bit above our price point, which was disappointing.

It also looks like we can't do floating floors as our kitchen leads directly into our laundry, so we need to have flooring that could tolerate and water spills if they occur. Disappointing!