You're sexy and you know it!

I spotted this image on My Mummy Daze FB page and it really struck a cord with me.

I have always hidden my body away under layers of clothing. Even during my pregnancies I never felt proud of my body and what amazing things it was doing.

We need to!  We need to be more proud of the truly miraculous thing we can do with our bodies.

It is time we stood up and gave ourselves more praise.  We do the hardest job in the world as a mother, and we do it the best way we know how.

Fat or thin we need to stand proud!

Share with me something you love about your body...


Anonymous said…
I am feeling proud of my body for the first time in ages.
And it is a great feeling :0
Although, I am sort of surprised and sort of not (if that makes sense) that I am smaller than men's ideal. Not that i particularly want ot be ideal, I just don't consider myself to be that thin, but lately I have been called little, petite, small boned and all those things I never really thought I was.
It's strange!
JacintaV said…
Love that my body made two beautiful girls. Not in love with all the lumps and bumps but it serves me well.