Who doesn't love a dirty weekend?

Hubby and I celebrate our 6th wedding anniversary at the end of April. I think that calls for a dirty weekend!

We haven't had a weekend away on our own for over 8yrs. I think the last weekend away was before we found out we were pregnant with our first child.  So we are talking 2003.  O.M.G!!

We didn't have a honeymoon at all either. On our wedding night our then 2yr old stayed with my parents for the night and then things were back to normal the following day.

So I have decided a weekend away is just what we need to try and get the spark back into our marriage. Only problem is I am a bit scared of jinxing myself by actually booking any accommodation yet.

I am convinced one of the boys will be unwell or something else will crop up and we won't be able to go away.  I want to get excited, but something keeps telling me to just be casual and wait and see.

Are you a plan ahead kind of person? Or do you prefer to play it casual and cover all bases just in case?