We ♥ story time!

OK! I admit it. I am a slack mummy. I am very unreliable when it comes to taking Mr 3 to playgroup or story time.

He loves it! (and so do I when we get there) I just HATE the thought of going for some reason.  It is such an effort to get myself psyched up and out the door.  I need to just not think about it and go.  It is a great setting at Mr 8's school and a great way to get little C used to the environment before starting Kinder in a couple of years.

I KNOW all that.  I just can't keep the momentum flowing. Even though all I need to do is take just that ONE hour out of my day and literally cross the road and head up to school.

Like I said. Slack mummy! I aim to do better and stick at it this time.  He had a ball today and hasn't stopped telling me all day how good story time was this morning.

Do you cringe at the thought of play group? Or do you love getting the kids out socialising?


JacintaV said…
I'm kind of the same, it's a hassle to get organised for play group but it's good when we get there. And Oopi loves it.
It is a hassle! Although you have double the reason.