I like peace. I like quiet. Scrap that... No I don't!

Monday and Thursday are Mr 3's childcare days. They should be my peace and quiet days. The days I relish the time to myself and get things done uninterrupted.

Instead...  I hate them!

I have come to the realisation that I don't like quiet.  It is TOO quiet. I like my little buddy here as a distraction when my mind wanders, or a laugh when I feel a bit flat.

I am crazy I know!  I should be in heaven.

He loves going to "school". It does him good to mingle with other kids. He gets bored at home all week.  Can't really blame him.

Please tell me I am not the only crazy lady that hates quiet?!

Do you prefer noise in the background, or do you relish any peace and quiet you can get?


JacintaV said…
Sometimes I like the quiet and sometimes I can't wait for Oopi to be home again. I do love the chance to listen to my own music though, I don't usually have it too quiet!
Christie Harris said…
Oh PEACE; the quieter, the better!

As I get older noises irritate me, particularly the annoyingly repetitive noises that kids make when they're playing. If I never hear another "car raspberry" I'll die happy!

I've even taken to turning off music when the kids aren't around. The only time I need noise is when I'm exercising :-)