Good old techno world!

Gone are the days (for me any way) that you pick up the phone and have chat.

These days you just turn on the computer and jump online to find a whole world of different people to chat to.

I have met some wonderful people during my time in the cyber world over the past 3-4yrs.

I don't know how I stayed sane before I finally caved in and joined cyber space.  My days were very long and lonely that's for sure.

I do miss the long phone calls with mates though.  It is more that we lost touch than anything though, can't really blame cyber world for that.  It really gives you more ways to stay in touch if not anything else.

How do you prefer to communicate?  Do you jump online, or pick up the phone? 


JacintaV said…
Online. I'm always organising catch ups and play dates through PM's on facebook - so easy because you can message all your friends at once instead of having to call or text them all individually.